︎︎︎ Creative/Brand Strategist
︎︎︎ Art Director
︎︎︎ Designer
Based in Los Angeles.

Through experience in the world of advertising and working in freelance, I’ve developed a passion for creative strategy and branding. My experiences in developing integrated campaigns and creating branding materials for a diverse group of clients has given me a diversified understanding on crafting a brands personal identity and forming a unique relationship with an audience. Recently, I’ve worked as a creative consultant to strategize and execute individual identities for businesses and produce the content necessary to support their growing brand. I’m always looking for new ways to tell visual stories and believe a well managed, cohesive creative strategy is essential for any project to be successful and convey meaning.

Education ︎︎︎ University of Texas, Texas Creative Sequence
Brand Experience ︎︎︎ Honda, LA LGBT Center, AIDS LifeCycle Race, Farmers Insurance, RPA, ARCO, Ketzal Bags, Edit Fine Jewelry